STUDENTS have been wearing odd socks to celebrate 'dare to be different'.

Pupils at Middlewich High School joined schools across the country to take part in Anti-Bullying Week.

Winsford Guardian:

Pupils at Middlewich High School wear odd socks to celebrate being unique

Year 7 students discussed various ways to ensure children always know that they can seek help if they have any concerns and spoke about why being unique matters.

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The 11-year-olds held an inter form competition for the most outlandish sock combination and tutors joined in.

Winsford Guardian:

Year 7 students say they feel safe since joining Middlewich High School in September

Assistant head Steve Wiseman said: "Students have stated that they feel safe in school since joining us in September. They have enjoyed making new friends from different primary schools and know who they should speak to if they are ever worried about bullying in school."