TOWN councillors want answers over why a large funeral was allowed to take place earlier this year despite coronavirus restrictions.

Roads were closed and a police cordon was put in place across Middlewich on August 28 while the funeral of a traveller took place.

At that time, only 30 people were allowed to gather for funerals under Covid-19 rules, but Middlewich Town Council members have received complaints from the public that the gathering for that funeral was much bigger than that.

Cllr Mike Hunter, chairman of Middlewich Town Council, told Monday's meeting: "For that mass gathering at that funeral there would have had to be a special events notice. And as far as I can see none has been given.

“Did the cemetery follow the rules? Did Cheshire East Council follow the rules? I think we as a community need to know that everybody has to follow rules.

“If this family has been allowed to do it, then it’s not their fault, they were allowed. What we want to know is why they were allowed – why is it different for some and not others?”

Cllr Hunter said he had already written to CEC, Middlewich cemetery board and Cheshire Police twice about the issue, but was yet to receive a reply.

Members agreed that the chairman should write a Freedom of Information request to CEC asking if it gave a special event notice for the funeral, and another to Cheshire Police for information on the funeral and the actions they took to discourage such a large gathering.

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He will also contact the cemetery board asking why such a large burial was allowed to take place.

Cllr Jonathan Parry added: “I fully support this motion, the rules are there for a reason, the vast majority of people are following them and anybody – public or private – should be doing what they can to ensure the rules are being followed.”