MACCLESFIELD Hospital can dedicate one of its CT scanners to suspected or positive Covid-19 patients thanks to NHS England funding.

As part of the national Covid-19 response funding from NHS England, the Trust received about £500,000 to install a second CT scanner in the hospital’s radiology department.

This investment has been vital in delivering the imaging needs of the community, enabling the hospital to dedicate one scanner to suspected or positive Covid-19 patients, and a separate scanner to routine and urgent patients.

Rachael France, CT lead radiographer said: “Covid-19 has had a profound impact on radiology provision.

“With the addition of a second CT scanner we have been able to image Covid-19 positive patients as safely as possible, while also maintaining our outpatient work and providing time-sensitive examinations for the wards and ED patients.

“Not only has the arrival of the second CT scanner ensured the radiology department can return to its normal capacity, it also allows for the continuation of on-site cover when the CT scanners require servicing or encounter technical faults.”

John Dillon, diagnostic services manager at the Trust, said: “Diagnostics is a vital part of all patient pathways, including suspected and confirmed Covid-19 cases, with the majority of patients who are admitted to hospital requiring imaging.

“The increase in Covid-19 patients, combined with our usual patient flow, put a significant amount of pressure on the department, so the investment has been crucial in enabling us to deliver this service for the benefit of all our patients on-site.

“We’re currently recruiting new staff to maximise the capacity of the scanner in preparation for the usual pressures of the winter months.”