ONCE described as ‘the hardest working unsigned band in the UK right now’, Winsford’s The Luka State have just signed to a major record label.

The four-piece British rock ‘n’ roll band made up of Conrad Ellis (voice, guitar), Sam Bell (bass, voice), Jake Barnabas (drums) and Lewis Pusey (guitars), have been snapped up by Shelter Records/BMG, and are set to release their album debut Fall In Fall Out, in January next year.

The group, who all grew up in Winsford together, said: “We’re ecstatic to be on Shelter BMG and we’re excited where the road ahead is gonna take us. We’re confident that we have a strong debut, and the record itself will do the talking. It’s just a shame that we can’t get ourselves out there and tour it just yet.”

Last year, the Guardian interviewed the band who racked up 68 shows around the UK in the 12 months leading up to the first lockdown.

At the time singer Conrad shared the inspiration behind their creativity, stating their hometown of Winsford provided plenty of stimulus.

“The people you meet in the streets, the fights you see outside pubs,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong its full of lovely people, but it’s also a place where your two options as a kid are football or music – and we chose music, ‘cause apart from Jake on the drums we’re crap with a ball.”

Despite not having had the chance to play their latest releases live, they’ve amassed more than six million Spotify streams – no mean feat for an independent band.

Carl Stubner, chairman of Shelter Records, added: “The feeling you get when you listen to The Luka State is just like being in a sweaty underground club, feet stuck to the floor from the spilt beer and your ears ringing from the guitars. When you throw in the stadium size hooks on this record, we couldn’t pass up the chance to be a part of reminding everyone the magic of that awaits when bands like this hit the stage again. This record and this band are that reminder.” 

Today also sees the release of their latest single Feel It, mixed by writer/producer Tarek Musa (Circa Waves, The Big Moon). The accompanying video, shot just 24 hours after signing their record deal, can be seen here.

Winsford Guardian:

The Luka State’s debut album will be released on January 31, 2021 Pre orders can be made via their website thelukastate.com