PLANNING permission has been granted to convert a former vets on Winsford High Street into a cafe.

Work can now progress on the licenced cafe, which will be called Elixir.

The decision comes after the town council initially submitted an objection to the plans — but this was later discovered by the Guardian to have been made in error.

A final officers’ recommendation said: “The Town Council previously objected to the application on the grounds of a lack of parking in the area and a concern about the health impact and wellbeing of the residents of Winsford.

“However the Town Council have since stated that the previous comment was submitted in error and they wish to state that the development of independent cafes and shops in Winsford is vital for the regeneration of both the old high street and the town as a whole.

“As such the Town Council wholeheartedly supports this application and the proposed investment in Winsford's social infrastructure.”

A condition of the approval is that the developer installs ‘a scheme to control cooking odours and fan noise’.

The decision was taken by delegated authority, which means councillors did not ‘call-in’ the application — so Cheshire West planning officers gave sign-off on the scheme.