A FLYING witch wrecked by vandals in Middlewich has been repaired.

Creative Anne Russell spent hours suspending the spooky image so it looked as though the witch had crashed into a tree whilst using her mobile phone.

Children were captivated by the caption 'Don't text and fly' and posed for pictures beside the flying witch in Chadwick Road.

Anne was upset to discover all her hard work had been destroyed but was determined to rebuild her.

"I've made a new witch," said Anne, who used wire to intricately re-attach legs and arms to the spooky model.

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"As I was repairing her, people stopped in their cars and peeped their horns. Some even wanted to help me but we couldn't maintain social distance so it wasn't possible."

Winsford Guardian:

People peeped their horns in support as Anne Russell repaired her damaged witch

Residents condemned the attack on social media as people across Middlewich have been creating Halloween displays as part of a fun-filled festival.

"It was really uplifting to receive so much support from the community," said Anne.

"I wired her legs and arms so it looked as thought she had gone splat into the tree. It was quite intricate and took me a while.

"It saddens me that mindless people are living in our beautiful town and do not have any respect for where they live."

Anne is inviting people to name her witch.

To suggest a name contact Anne Russell on Facebook.