GUARDIAN readers have given a mixed response to calls for short national lockdown to tackle the second wave of coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called on the Conservative Government to announce a ‘circuit break’ lockdown of two or three weeks to curb the spread of Covid-19.

It would mean only essential work and travel, with non-essential offices closed along with bars and restaurants, plus a ban on households mixing indoors or outdoors – while businesses would be ‘accompanied by extensive support’.

Sir Starmer added: “If we don't, we could sleepwalk into a long and bleak winter.”

Dozens of Guardian readers responded to the suggestion on our Facebook page, with some welcoming the move.

Aileen Harms said: “Great idea, needs to be done as soon as possible.”

Hannah Graham said: “If the rates and deaths keep going up then it’s a no brainier.”

Barnali James added: “Yes, but people have to unfortunately learn the hard way that things don’t just return to normal afterwards.

“The principles of controlling the spread must be followed if we are going to beat it. I just wish the virus was visible because then people would understand how contagious it is and how severe it is.”

A number of readers questioned whether the move would be effective, or would just be a case of kicking the Covid can down the road.

Anthony Ferguson said: “You'd need at least a month to break transmissions. As soon as we're back out and about it will come back. It could be here to stay like the flu and mutate every year.”

Colin Price said: “It's probably inevitable so sooner rather than later, but what then?”

Adrian Humphreys added: “It will only work if it lasts long enough for there to be no more cases and that will not be possible.”

Some readers were completely unconvinced however – suggesting the move was purely a political one.

Stephen Atherton said: “There’s no cure or vaccine coming soon! We just need to learn to live with this virus.”

Daphne Northey Hughes said: “The problem in this country [is] no one cares about anyone but themselves and play the politics game.

“If Conservatives say something then Labour supporters shout the odds and Labour say something then Conservative supporters shout them down.

“Time for everyone to stop being selfish and start thinking of others before themselves.”

Stuart Clark said: “Don't trust anything this guy says. Just playing political games against Boris.

“He won't lose his job in a lockdown will he? His children won't face poverty will they? His family won't lose their home will they?”

Brian Brereton added: “Has anything so far been a good idea?”

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