OBJECTIONS have been lodged in response to a plan to convert one Middlewich home into four apartments.

The Darlington Street proposal has seen four neighbours make formal objections to Cheshire East Council, with concerns including parking.

One neighbour, who chose to remain anonymous, said: “A further four apartments, again with no parking provision will mean even more people trying to park on Darlington Street and will result in severe congestion.

“This is unfair to existing residents who would like to be able to park somewhere near their homes.

“The applicant has stated that there is a lack of provision of single persons flats, but surely the fact that there are already eight apartments for single people on Darlington Street approved is sufficient.”

Another resident added: “This area is going downhill because of local bedsits and affects the price of our properties.

“I do not want this area to sink into a mire of bedsits as it has in the west end of a nearby town.”

In response, a spokesperson for the developers’ agent said: “I have not seen any of the comments so I cannot comment on them.

“I am sure that the council will have final say in the long run.”

The developer, Jalex Property Ltd, says the property would not sell in its current form, leading to the launch of the application.

Targeting single residents with no access to a car, the aim is to provide more housing close to the centre of Middlewich.

You can view the application online via Cheshire East’s website.