FLY-TIPPING is turning Wharton into an eyesore, claims an incensed grandad.

Edward Jackson is fed up with irresponsible residents dumping furniture, rubbish and waste on the estate.

The 75-year-old is calling for enforcement action to remedy the problem.

"It gets me so infuriated," said Edward, of Pear Tree Close. "The amount of people fly-tipping is really bad. If one person drops something everyone else does it. Local people think you can tip anywhere and no-one catches you.

"My philosophy is you've got to nab two or three people and fine them to stop others doing it."

A new community project was launched in January to combat flytipping but Edward says it is not working.

Winsford Town councillors teamed up with Cheshire Police, Cheshire West and Chester Council and Weaver Vale Housing to visit every house on the Bradbury Road and Wharton Gardens estates to talk to residents about refuse collection services.

"There is no pride in the neighbourhood," said Edward. "There are garages with no locks and they are full of rubbish. If somebody sets fire to it the whole lot will go up. We don't see litter pickers anymore. The place is littered with rubbish."

Covid-19 has delayed the implementation of efforts to penalise flytippers as enforcement officers have to sift through rubbish to identify the culprits.

Wharton Cllr Nathan Pardoe said: "I know fly-tipping is still a big issue with residents. It's an entirely avoidable problem given that the council offers weekly kerbside collection and recycling services along with bulky waste collection which I've worked to remove financial barriers from. "Many items can also be collected for free by Changing Lives in Cheshire.

"I'm working hard with partner agencies to deliver CCTV and enforcement action to catch those responsible for fly-tipping. There's no justification for fly-tipping, the social and economic impacts of fly-tipping are unacceptable and caused by those who think it is OK to dump rubbish. We're all paying for the clean up and missing out on funding for more positive things."

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Cllr Karen Shore, deputy leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council and cabinet member for environment, highways and strategic transport said: “Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, our StreetCare team started working with local community groups to tackle the fly-tipping problem and provided help and advice regarding the disposal of bulky items.

"Another meeting is planned soon to continue this project. In this area of Wharton the responsibility for clearing fly-tipping depends on the location of the incident and involves either Weaver Housing Trust or the council.

“All fly-tipping is completely unacceptable and an offence. People found to have done this will be prosecuted. We now have a ‘Report it app’ that makes it easy for residents to let us know about fly-tipping.

Julia Chambres, contract manager for open spaces and environmental services at Weaver Vale Housing Trust said: “There is a multiagency taskforce including Weaver Vale, local residents, Cheshire West & Chester Council and Cheshire Police which launched at the beginning of the year to tackle fly-tipping. However since lockdown the issue became more widespread in certain areas.

"Since restrictions have been lifted our Open Spaces and Caretaker Teams have spent a considerable amount of time each week removing litter and rubbish that has been dumped which last year alone cost the trust tens of thousands of pounds to clear.

“The joint initiative will continue into autumn (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) to highlight the dangers and cost of fly-tipping.We will also be pressing for enforcement action to be taken.

"Fly tipping blights local communities and affects the health and wellbeing of residents so we encourage anyone with any details that may help catch offenders to get in touch with Weaver Vale Housing Trust or Cheshire West & Chester Council."

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and anyone caught could face a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months' imprisonment.