A GIANT sunflower grown on a Winsford allotment has broken all records.

At an incredible 15ft 1in tall, Sylvia and Michael Sant’s sunflower is more than three-feet taller than the previous giant grown on the site.

“We hoped we’d get a decent sunflower, maybe 10ft at the most,” said Sylvia. “This giant was very unexpected and it’s spurred us on to try other crops next year.

Winsford Guardian:

Sylvia and Michael Sant with their record-breaking giant sunflower at Over Allotments Picture: John Malam

“Covid has not deterred us from coming to our plot,” said Michael. “We’ve spent as long as we can here and our plot has been a blessing to us over the last few months.”

Gardeners say being able to spend time tending plants, vegetables and flowers has helped them to relax and unwind during the pandemic.

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Mike Allen, chairman of Over Allotments Association, said: “The allotments at Over have been a welcome relief for many plot holders from the coronavirus lockdown.

“Although we’ve been unable to hold any of our usual events, we decided the annual vegetable competition could go ahead, but with only one class for the tallest sunflower.

"It was easy for the judges to be socially distanced as they measured the sunflowers grown on our members’ plots."

Steve Cockburn was runner up with a 12ft 6in sunflower and third place went to Roy Farrall for his 11ft 7in bloom.