IT might be a relatively peaceful place to live with stunning surroundings, but crime still goes on in Middlewich.

The latest data from the website shows the level of criminal activity in town has been similar since the pandemic than before it, with figures available up to June.

A total of 120 incidents were reported across town that month, taking the total so far since January to 656.

Below are the five most common types of crime in Middlewich from January to June.

1. Violence and sexual offences – 238 incidents

Types of violent offences range from harassment and assault, to grievous bodily harm or even murder, while sexual offences include rape or any kind of indecent assault.

These were the most common types of crime in Middlewich from January to June, including in the most recent month, when 45 offences took place.

2. Anti-social behaviour – 189 incidents

Police describe this as someone acting in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to someone from another household.

Anti-social behaviour in Middlewich peaked in April with 56 incidents, compared to just 14 in February.

3. Public order offences – 66 incidents

These incidents include rioting, disorder or affray, and were most common in June, when 15 incidents took place that month.

4. Criminal damage and arson – 48 incidents

Criminal damage is where property – including a building or vehicle – is intentionally destroyed or damaged, while arson is deliberately setting fire to property.

This was more common in January, when 12 incidents took place.

5. Burglary – 30 incidents

Burglary is the theft, or attempted theft, from a premises which the offender has broken into.

This was most common in February, when eight incidents took place in town.