FIREFIGHTERS rode a static 433 miles in Saturday's soaring temperatures to raise close to £1,500 for charity.

Crews from Winsford travelled the distance to twin town Deuil-la-Barre, in France, from 9am to 5.20pm for the Fire Fighters Charity.

They wore full kit as they took on the challenge from the Kwik Fit car park, in High Street, as passers by supported them.

A post on Winsford Fire Station' Twitter page on Saturday said: "Thank you so much to all that have donated today and over the past couple of weeks."

Winsford Fire Station also posted videos on social media throughout the day, showing different aspects of their job, as part of a virtual open day.

The Firefighters Charity provides confidential, personalised support to the whole of the fire services community, delivering mental health, physical health and social wellbeing services at their centres, remotely, online and in communities around the UK.

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The cancellation of fundraising events is causing the charity’s income to fall short by £200,000 a month.

Donations can still be made at