NEEDLES have been found discarded on a Middlewich field where children play.

Avid litter picker Anne Russell came across three syringes and drug paraphernalia by the pond on Sutton field early on Saturday morning.

The dog lover, who cleans the area every day, said: "My first thought was that I was glad I've found them and not a little child.

"I couldn't leave them lying there because it was Saturday and loads of kids would be playing there. Dogs often go ahead of their owners

and may well pick them up in their mouth.

"It is worrying because they were slap bang in the middle of the path. They weren't hidden in any bushes."

Wearing gloves, Anne carefully picked up the needles and took them away.

Winsford Guardian:

Drug paraphernalia was found near the discarded needles and syringes on Sutton field

"This is the first time I've found stuff like that," she said. "It's terrible, there was blood on them so they had been used. Normally as a clean team member we would just ring the council and get someone to officially come out and dispose of them. But I just wanted to make it safe for everyone.

"I picked them up, rolled and rolled them into other bags and did it as safely as I could.

"I took a picture because people need to know and be vigilant."

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Residents have praised Anne for her efforts.

One man said: "Anne you're an absolute hero for removing these yourself. What an utterly disgusting thing to leave behind on a public field."

Another woman said: "It amazes me how people still think this town is lovely and doesn't have the issues of others. It has a serious drug problem, you only have to go down into town after dark to see."

Anne reported the incident to the police.

Cheshire Police said they were unable to comment because they did not have sufficient information.