ANXIOUS residents fear someone could be killed if drivers continue to speed through Winsford.

People living on estates throughout the town say they have been woken up in the early hours of the morning by reckless drivers and motorcyclists.

Many of the streets have a 20mph speed limit.

"I live on Gladstone Street and I'm sick of cars, vans and motorbikes racing up and down the road," said one woman. "Someone is going to get killed. It's a 20mph, can something be done before it's too late."

Another woman said: " One day a child is going to get killed. Why do drivers have to race down these roads."

A man added: "I live off Swanlow and they fly up and down like Oulton Park."

Another parent added: "It is worrying. I'd hate to see a child or old person getting knocked down or killed by these speeding drivers."

Residents in Swanlow Lane and Chester Road have also complained about drivers going too fast.

Sgt Danny Haddock said: “We always listen to members of the community regarding any concerns that they have, particularly when it regards a subject as important as road safety and we will be looking into these reports.

“Speeding can have devastating consequences. Not only does it increase the risk of collisions occurring but it can affect the severity of those that do take place, and in the worst case scenario can be fatal.

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“The message for motorists is don’t put your life, and the lives of other road users and pedestrians, at risk – slow down, pay attention, wear your seat belt, put your phone down, don’t drink or drug drive and make sure that your vehicle is safe for the roads.”

Cheshire Police urge residents to report any incidents of speeding to their local policing unit.

Police community support officers carry out speed checks in various parts of Winsford as part of their day to day job.