PERHAPS the biggest concern for Middlewich residents involving the Ansa site is vehicle movements, with lorries coming to and from the Cledford hub every day.

Kevin Melling, managing director, insists the firm needs to strike a balance between delivering a good service and satisfying neighbours.

He said: “I’ll never make everyone happy, but hopefully there are no losers.

“You will see our vehicles on the roads, but we will try and drive as respectfully as we can, and we will enforce it through disciplinary action if need be.

“We’ll never get to a perfect world, but we are striving to get a happy balance.”

Kevin believes the situation will be improved once the Middlewich eastern bypass is built, which is designed to help boost air quality in town.

Collection routes have also been changed in an attempt to make collections more efficient, cutting more than 50,000 miles a year, but lorries still have to travel to and from Cledford – including for journeys to the food waste plant in Leighton.

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“We are trying to see what opportunities we will have to improve that,” Kevin said.

“But it’s not something we can sort overnight.

“We are working with residents who complain – sometimes we can smooth things off but we do have to do our job as well.”