A BEAUTY therapist has been left gutted after Boris made a sudden u-turn today and has banned her from returning to work.

Vicky Evans,  from Winsford, was preparing to resume all  her facial and aesthetic treatments tomorrow after the Government gave the green light for salons to reopen.

However, within the last hour, she was shocked to discover that all close contact services including  facials and eyebrow threading will not be able to resume until August 15 at the earliest.

“I am absolutely gutted,” said Vicki, who runs Cheshire Skin Logic  at her home in Wharton Road.

“All businesses that were to reopen tomorrow now can’t. It is devastating.

“I’m going to have to cancel all my clients but I can’t rearrange appointments because we still don’t know for sure when we can reopen.”

The 31-year-old joined salons across the country to lobby MPs to protect jobs.

Body treatments below the neck can still continue but Vicki says this does not bring in sufficient income as her award-winning salon specialists in aesthetics.

Now she fears her own business could be in jeopardy.

“I am very worried, “ said Vicki. “I’ve been topping up wages for my staff who are on furlough so they still earned 100 per cent but I can’t afford to do that anymore.

“Now will only receive 60 per cent Furlough so they may decide to get another jobs and I can’t blame them.

“I might have to look for a job myself. I have to do something  to make some money.

“We don’t know what the future is going  to be for facial treatments.

"It might not be back for a long time if there is no vaccine.

“I just feel sick. I’m thinking about all the other businesses out there like me that can’t reopen as we had hoped tomorrow.”

The 31-year-old believes their campaign had convinced MPs that facial treatments were safe to resume with stringent new practices.

"As an industry we all came together," said Vicki, who runs Cheshire Skin Logic at her home on Wharton Road. "Salon owners in Winsford were all united. I believe we pushed the Government to let us do bodywork first so we could prove we were Covid safe so they could then let us offer all our treatments.

"We are one of the cleanest and safest industries."

The go-ahead to offer facial and aesthetic treatments including waxing, eyebrows and lashes sparked a surge in demand.

"Our appointments blew up," said Vicki. "All the way through the pandemic we were getting messages asking when we were reopening. People are desperate for treatments. We're now fully booked for August and into September."

Winsford Guardian:

Beauty therapist Vicki Evans joined salons across the country to campaign for facial treatments to be resumed

Many customers rely on specialist treatments for a variety of health problems.

"Aesthetics isn't just about botox and fillers," said award-winning Vicki, who also teaches therapists across the country. "People come to us with severe skin problems and under arm sweating. We have been trained by doctors and surgeons on Harley Street and I have been fortunate to work on Rodney Street.

"I have clients with conditions that affect their confidence including polycystic ovary syndrome which causes facial hair. I offer laser or hair removaltreatment and relief for clients who suffer from acne and pigmentation."

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Stringent Covid-19 safety measures are now in place.

"We have a triage form which clients must fill in before they come in," said Vicki. "There is a sanitisation station outside and no waiting in the salon, only one client for each staff member.

"We will be wearing a visor as well as a mask. We always wear aprons and gloves and we have new uniforms which we change every day. Everyone has to come with masks on until they are in the room for the actual treatment.

Winsford Guardian:

Beauty therapist has introduced stringent new Covid-19 safety measures to protect clients and staff

"We leave extra time after each client to clean down. We are more vigilant than usual. I have to protect the public but I also want to protect my staff and our families.

"Its not just about making people look better, it's about making people feel better. It is a sanctuary."