LAUGHING gas cannisters are still being found discarded in Middlewich.

Parents are being urged to warn their children of the dangers of inhaling nitrous oxide.

Crusading litter picker Anne Russell found these cannisters strewn across Sutton Lane field.

The dog lover, who cleans the area twice a day, posted this on social media: "Found a lot of these this morning just hope I never find a dead body."

Anxious residents can't understand why youths are congregating to inhale gas from these silver cannisters.

One woman said: "They are so dangerous, you can easily suffocate. I just wish young people could realise they are putting their lives at risk every time they inhale. "

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A police spokesman said: "Some people are under the impression that it is just laughing gas, but this is no laughing matter. Nitrous oxide is a colourless gas that is extremely dangerous when inhaled straight from the canister.

"If you choose to take nitrous oxide you pose the risk of falling unconscious and/or suffering from a lack of oxygen. Nitrous oxide is classed as a psychoactive drug."

Discarded gas cannisters have been found on Warren Fields, Misty Woods, Sutton Fields, along the canalside and at the bottom of Sutton Fields.