THE coronavirus pandemic will go down in world history – and now Winsford residents can have their experiences recorded as part of a creative project.

Future generations will want to know what life was like for ordinary people in these extraordinary times and how we coped with living through the pandemic.

Haylo Theatre is working with Cheshire Archives and Age-friendly Cheshire West to record this unique period in time through the eyes of residents across the borough aged 50 and above.

Hayley Lamb, co-director at Haylo Theatre, said: "We are collecting and sharing peoples’ stories and experiences of isolation during lockdown as we want to shine a light on these issues, create a community of shared experiences and show that together we are not alone."

The project, called A Story Shared, aims to capture the stories of residents who had to change the way they lived their lives to protect themselves and each other.

It could include the experiences of key workers and volunteers, neighbours who rallied together in crisis or more vulnerable residents who have had to isolate throughout the pandemic.

Louise Harris, co-director at Haylo Theatre, added: "A Story Shared exists to inspire community and understanding through the sharing of the lives of real people."

Everyone's experience of lockdown will be different and important – and by recording these stories the project aims to preserve the memory for future generations.

Find out more at or call Haylo Theatre on 07754 887540.