ANOTHER abnormal load will be travelling through Winsford and Middlewich town centres today.

Drivers are warned to expect delays and disruption as the convoy will be manoeuvred slowly along country roads in a painstaking operation.

Winsford Guardian:

The giant load's second consignment as snaked its way through streets in Winsford and Middlewich Picture: Chris Brennan

Three massive chemical tankers has trundled slowly through both towns while travelling from Ellesmere Port to Staffordshire on three weekends over the past two months.

Standing at more than five metres tall, five metres wide and almost 40 metres long, this fourth and final abnormal load will follow the same journey through both towns.

It leaves Kelsall on Sunday at 8am and heads over to mid Cheshire.

Winsford Guardian:

This is the route the abnormal load will be following as it makes its way through Winsford and Middlewich today

Air Liquide, a critical supplier of industrial and medical gases, is in the process of commissioning an Air Separation Unit at Coleshill in the West Midlands.

Four large empty storage vessels, three nitrogen and one oxygen, are required to complete the project.

Winsford Guardian:

A colossal load making its way along Foxfield Lane in Winsford on an earlier consignment Picture: Chris Brennan

They are being transported 188 km from Ellesmere Port to the West Midlands in four individual shipments.

Each movement takes six days to complete crossing the counties of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.

Winsford Guardian:

This incredible picture captured by Mike Costello on a drone shows just how huge the abnormal load is when the third load travelled through Middlewich

A spokesman for Air Liquide said: "Movement of this type of exceptional load will inevitably cause some traffic delays and Air Liquide

apologises to anyone inconvenienced by this necessary work.

"Air Liquide is in the process of commissioning an air separation unit to produce liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid argon.

"These are key products necessary to ensure the continuity of essential critical services and production of goods in the UK. The air separation unit will

also have medical grade qualification for the production of medical oxygen.

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Winsford Guardian:

Drivers sit underneath to help steer and guide the colossal load Picture: Mike Costello

"In the current unprecedented circumstances Air Liquide has put all of its effort to enable this project to continue thanks to the commitment of its employees, engineering teams and subcontractors, respecting the strengthened measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

"In particular, the adequate social distancing, hygiene, PPE and cross contamination prevention measures as per Government and Air Liquide Group’s guidance have been implemented in the construction site."