A TEENAGE instrumentalist has taken the music world by storm with his incredible ability.

Winsford schoolboy Curtis Walker has released an EP after writing and recording his own songs in an international collaboration during lockdown.

The 14-year-old plays guitar, bass and drums and has already won acclaim from top djent progressive metal musicians.

Curtis formed a band called Humanic Mutation after recording an EP Apex Predator with 18-year-old vocalist Liam Kiernan in Florida.

Winsford Guardian:

Curtis has 11 guitars

The pair teamed up with an Australian production company and British designers to produce the music, cover artwork and a video.

Everything was co-ordinated by Curtis virtually at his home.

Dad Jeff, a lifelong musician and drummer who is the band's manager, said: "Famous guitarists in the dgent and metal core field, bands like Emmure and Rings of Saturn have been praising him saying 'your kid is amazing'. If tours go ahead, they want to meet him. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

"Curtis plays extremely fast and powerfully. He has natural ability."

Winsford Guardian:

Curtis has won acclaim from famous guitarists in the dgent and metal core field

The schoolboy only started playing the guitar two years ago and even astonished his teacher.

"He went from nothing to grade 6 in a year which is almost unprecedented," said Jeff, 51, "He gained distinctions in rock electrical guitar. His teacher said he can't teach him anymore. He can play 7, 8 and 9 string guitars.

"He didn't pick up a bass until a year ago and it's like he's been playing all his life. He gained 100 per cent in his bass grade exam. He can play drums to quite a high standard."

Winsford Guardian:

Curtis only started playing the guitar two years ago and flew through the grades in record time

Curtis has 11 guitars and an electronic drum kit.

Talented Curtis has also mastered amazing digital skills.

Jeff said: "He only got the recording gear just after Christmas. He sat down with the manuals and taught himself how to use all the recording software. Within half an hour he learnt how to mix and produce.

"A big software company has asked him to endorse their product.

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His album is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Winsford Guardian:

Curtis is selling his EP Apex Predator on Spotify and Apple Music

"It's doing really well and actually making a bit of money," said Jeff.

Gary Evans, headteacher at Winsford Academy, said: "We are extremely proud of Curtis’ achievements, ambition and talents.

"This is is a fantastic display of drive, ingenuity and talent to produce such a feat and at such a young age, especially under the recent restrictive circumstances."


 Humanic Mutation is available from Amazon Music at https://music.amazon.co.uk/artists/B08CB7QDBW and at Apple Music at https://music.apple.com/us/album/apex-predator-