OPINION is divided among Winsford and Middlewich residents on whether the decision to make face coverings mandatory in shops was the right call.

The Government confirmed the move earlier today, with coverings becoming mandatory in shops across England from July 24.

Guardian readers have so far been divided on our Facebook page, with some fearing the impact it could have on high street businesses.

Carl Lofthouse said: “Looks like more internet shopping and high street businesses losing custom based on what I’m hearing.

"Could do some businesses some damage if people can’t go and enjoy the experience.

“It should be a choice, some people need the mask to feel comfortable going out, others feel more uncomfortable, and in some cases distressed wearing them.”

Other readers questioned whether the measure would make people safer.

Anita Jane Keal said: “People are complacent when wearing a mask – [they] lean across you etc then they leave them in the trolley for someone else to pick up.”

Sandie Mobley added: “I don't think we should, I have seen more people play with them and wear them round there chin as a supports, people don't wear them properly. Social distance and wash hands regularly.”

However, dozens of readers simply replied 'yes' when asked whether they thought the move was a good idea on Monday, and many agreed today.

Adrian Hall said: “If it helps protect even one person I don’t see the problem wearing one for [an] hour’s shopping etc.”

Lynsey Simpson added: “If you think you should have a choice then the shop should have the choice not to allow you in without one.”

Some readers questioned the timing of the announcement, given the pandemic has been going on for four months.

Lou Buckley said: “Stupid, absolute joke, Boris [Johnson] honestly doesn’t have a clue.

“This should have been done from day one of lockdown not four months later, and still saying in two weeks’ time! Really this man baffles me!”

Addica Middlehurst added: “What I don’t get is we have to wear them on public transport and now in shops – what about all those people in the pubs that are chatting away to each other?”

And some readers felt that the final decision should be left in the hands of individuals.

Natalie Bray said: “Reducing the amount of people in the shops at any one time and keep your distance from others is enough.

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“If you choose to wear a mask then that’s personal choice please don’t make it mandatory.”

Gaz Ricketts added: “I’d leave it up to the shops to decide. If they want you to wear one then you wear one or don’t go in there.

“I’m personally not bothered about wearing one but would if say Asda said I had to before I could go in. It’s not a big deal to do.”

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