MIDDLEWICH residents were left outraged after a huge amount of discarded household items and rubbish was dumped in Cledford Lane.

The pile was discovered near Ansa's environmental hub just past the railway bridge.

Infuriated residents condemned the flytipping when they saw these pictures posted on social media.

Winsford Guardian:

Residents described the flytipping as 'absolutely disgusting'

Several blasted it as 'absolutely disgusting' and 'yet another mass pile dumped by some vile, lazy filth'.

Residents said that many of the items including a large black box appeared to be in good condition and could have been given to someone or sold.

One resident said: "The sad think is that some of those bits look useable. Why didn't they first put it on a free selling site'.

Winsford Guardian:

Residents said many of the items including this big black box appear in good condition and could have been re-used or sold

Others commented that the rubbish could easily have been deposited by a few trips to the tip.

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"Just so disgusting to keep seeing this," added another resident. "These fields are often used as dumping grounds."

The rubbish has now been cleared by the council.

Flytippers are warned that they could face fines and prosecution if they are caught.