A SPORTS and remedial therapist is desperate to get back to work to help relieve aches and pains for patients.

Dave Hamlett, from Winsford, can’t understand why he has not been allowed to open up again after lockdown.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” said Dave, 59, who runs Bodylogic Sports Massage Therapy from his home in Swanlow Lane.

“My fellow therapists and I are still not allowed to see clients despite the fact that other hands on practitioners such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors have now been allowed to resume seeing clients.”

Personal hygiene and cleanliness, he said, is embedded in their industry which prides itself on high standards of safety.

“Because of the way we are trained it is hammered into us from day one that hand washing between each client is second nature,” said Dave, who gained the highest qualifications as a massage therapist seven years ago.

“We have also received a lot of guidance from our professional Sports Massage Association in relation to risk assessments, personal protective equipment and high levels of sanitisation.”

He fears many people working at home during lockdown will be experiencing discomfort caused by bad posture because they are unable to use desks and comfortable chairs.

“They are sat in bed using laptops or on the couch because there may not be enough space for the whole family to use a table,” said Dave. “People also tend to stay on computer screens for hours at a time which is not good.”

Many of his patients are are constantly calling him for advice as they are in pain and discomfort.

“My clients are mostly suffering from musculoskeletal conditions, which if they can’t access treatment from therapists like me will put more burden on the already over stretched NHS.

“They will be given painkillers which is just masking the problem or end up on a long NHS physio waiting list that doesn’t need an influx.”

Dave is lobbying MPs to intervene.

“There seems to be a complete lack of understanding within Government as to what we actually do, we have been lumped into a category with massage parlours.

“We need to be allowed to reopen,” said Dave. “It is just stupid and arbitrary the way they have done it.

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Winsford Guardian:

Massage therapist Dave Hamlett desperate to get back to work to relieve pain and discomfort for his clients

“I can’t see how we pose any more of a risk than hairdressers, pubs and restaurants. Even driving instructors have been given permission to start again so you can now spend an hour sat in a car breathing in somebody else’s air.”

Massage therapy, he said, improves people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Dave often visits runs wellbeing sessions for employees on industrial estates.

“Mentally, it’s good for people,” said Dave. “It is known that touch is good for mental health.

Most of his clients have aches and pains, bad backs and bad shoulders.

“I did some work with a wagon driver who had a frozen shoulder and I got more movement in it. It’s not a miracle cure but he said it is 95 per cent better than it was.

“It is really nice when people say they feel a lot better."

Dave fears jobs are now at risk as some businesses can't afford to remain closed for much longer.

“Many soft tissue therapists may be forced to shut up shop completely if we are not allowed to open soon," he said.

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