WHILE pubs and restaurants can open their doors again from today, dozens of Guardian readers say they will be staying away for now.

We asked how you felt about the latest easing of lockdown in Northwich, Winsford, Middlewich, Knutsford and Wilmslow on our Facebook pages.

And the majority of responses suggested residents across Cheshire will be staying at home this weekend as the pandemic goes on.

John Phillip Lowes said: “No staying home with my family, keeping myself and them safe.”

Lesley Millington said: “I am not rushing out anywhere for another month, then if things are ok I will return to support.”

Paul Stubbs added: “Will wait till there are not so many hoops to jump through.”

While many commenters said they would remain at home, some still wanted to support their local businesses.

Lottie England said: “Will be supporting by continuing to use takeaway services for the first couple of weeks. Let the initial surge subside.”

Helen Lilley said: “Too early in my opinion, I won’t be visiting for a while yet, will carry on supporting our local businesses using the take away services.”

Sarah Ganczarski added: “Take-out is as adventurous as we're prepared to go. Sorry.”

Some readers felt that the move could be bad news if it leads to drunken mayhem in our towns.

Stuart Lilly said: “I won’t be going anywhere near them yet – can just imagine the carnage that’s gonna take place over the weekend.”

Jackie Latham said: “No not at all, stay home and be safe. Really enjoyed the lockdown because of no fighting and screaming in early hours of Friday and Saturday. Not looking forward to it at all.”

Gill Buckley added: “I hope that establishments exercise discretion about how much alcohol is sold to individuals so that they don’t become intoxicated to a level that they are incapable of common sense and social distancing.”

Many residents are returning to work on Saturday, both in hospitality and in hairdressing, with salons also reopening.

Winsford Guardian:

Anita Evans said: “I’m a hairdresser – I’ll be too shattered to go anywhere!”

Steve Moores added: “It’s my first day back in work so I’m glad we’re opening up, we’re a members club we just hope people behave and not spoil it.”

For Rachel Humphreys, environmental concerns are a major put-off.

She said: “Not if they are using plastic cups, which many pubs say they are.

“It's Plastic Free July and we've already backtracked enough with takeaway packaging chucked all over the streets.

“When pubs serve in proper glasses, then we shall return.”

However, some readers were looking forward to wining and dining this weekend.

Laura Molloy said she was ‘excited to go out’ while Maria Jagger suggested she would go out ‘if the rules are obeyed and people behaved’.

Gareth Hughes said: “Yes going to go absolutely MENTAL.”

Caroline Harrison said: “Going out restaurant and drinks – can’t wait.”

Ann Payne added: “Supporting one of my favourite restaurants/friends Piccolinos.”

Business owners also spoke out on what they are expecting this weekend.

Paul Johnson said: “We run a couple of pubs and it’s definitely a divide on age. Under 40s want in and over 40s are gonna stay away.”

Haseena Mariya added: “My restaurant has 160 people booked in, all staggered and sat away from each other. We have tried to make the new rules as easy and relaxed as possible!”