NEW starters at Middlewich High School will be the first to wear a newly designed uniform.

Year 6 primary school pupils who enrol in September are being given a free blazer and tie. The new uniform is optional for other students.

Year 7 student Clara Platt modelled the smart new grey blazer to show children what it looks like.

Winsford Guardian:

Year 7 student Clara Platt models the new uniform

Staff and students usually visit around 20 feeder primary schools to meet pupils and help prepare them for their move to secondary school.

The 10-year-olds normally spend two days at Middlewich High, getting to know teachers and explore new subjects in various taster sessions.

This year, because of the pandemic, a comprehensive online programme has been introduced instead to ensure that parents and pupils have all the information they need.

Assistant headteacher Steve Wiseman, who has worked at the school for 25 years, said: "I normally visit every primary school with year 7 students and really enjoy that aspect of my job.

Winsford Guardian:

Assistant headteacher Steve Wiseman wants to keep in constant communication with year 6 pupils

"We have been in touch with all the schools and we have phoned every parent and spoken to the children.

"They are nervous and excited. We want to keep a constant communication with them and reassure them. They have been out of school now for a long time."

Most of the pupils have already visited Middlewich High as the school has established strong links with primary schools.

"We take students who have been on world challenge trips trips to Costa Rica and Kenya and used to go to their schools into assemblies to inspire them," said Mr Wiseman.

"Our year 7 students have also written personal letters giving them tips on how to make friends and describing what the school is like from their point of view."

Winsford Guardian:

Year 7 students have written personal letters to every year 6 primary school giving them tips on how to make friends

Year 9 students will act as buddies to groups of newcomers to befriend them and check on them every week.

Form tutors are recording videos to introduce themselves.

The new intake of 135 will have a few days in school on their own in September to settle in.

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"There is a real community feel at our school because it is so small," said Mr Wiseman. "There are only around 750 pupils so we get to know everyone which is really important.

"Pupils have the same tutor for five years so we get to know their families very well.

"We strive to maintain that relationship as it makes everything so much easier for parents to speak to people they know and trust."

It is not too late for pupils to enrol.

Any children who would like to join Middlewich High School in September can email for more information.