WE have some hugely talented photographers in our area and we are always both excited to see their work and proud to show it off.

This month, members of the Guardian’s Camera Club have really outdone themselves by capturing some spectacular images of natural beauty.

Whether that be the raw power of nature during some of the intense thunderstorms we have experienced lately or the calmness that is present when such storms eventually pass.

Members have also snapped our beloved local wildlife going about their daily business and the tranquility that can be experienced when walking down waterways.

There are plenty more photos to see in our Guardian Camera Club Facebook group.

If you are a keen photographer and would like to join, head to facebook.com/groups/guardiancameraclub

Here are some of our favourite photos snapped by members in June:

Winsford Guardian:

Nature’s version of Wacky Races near Weaver Way Image: Alan Bailey

Winsford Guardian:

Lightning lights up the Northwich skyline Image: Kall Chels Buckley Evans

Winsford Guardian:

Swans-a-swimming at Winsford Marina Image: Lisa Lacking

Winsford Guardian:

Tatton Park or the Serengeti? Image: John Rowan