WINSFORD is doing its bit to ensure that air ambulances and the paramedics who fly in them are fully equipped to tackle coronavirus.

Air Ambulances UK, a charity which supports air ambulance organisations across the country, has received a generous grant of £160,000 from Vale Royal Lions and Lions Clubs International Foundation.

This grant covers the costs needed to buy a list of vital equipment and supplies as identified by Air Ambulances UK when approached by the lions.

And these equipment and supplies will help paramedics, not only in their day job of responding to accidents and emergencies, but also in supporting the Covid-19 response to help reduce the huge burden on the NHS and other public services.

Andy Benson, president of Vale Royal Lions, said: “We know that air ambulance charities have been busier than ever during the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’ve faced considerable extra and unbudgeted day to day costs, and at the same time, lockdown has affected fundraising.

“Now, thanks to an emergency Covid-19 relief grant from the Lions Clubs International Foundation, we can provide immediate support for this emergency service that touches lives in all our local communities.”

The equipment and supplies identified which will be covered by the grant, includes isolation capsules, decontamination units, separation screens, PPE, ventilators and respirators, among other valuable items.

Heather Benjamin, chair of Air Ambulances UK, added: “The donation of equipment and supplies by the lions helps air ambulance charities to support the Covid-19 response and their communities in these extraordinary times and beyond.”

This latest boost for air ambulance charities comes on top of £140,000 awarded in grants by the lions to foodbanks and other causes nominated by Lions Clubs across the British Isles.