WITH face coverings set to become compulsory on public transport from Monday, Guardian readers have had their say on the new pandemic rule.

Coverings will be mandatory on buses, coaches, trains, trams, ferries and aircraft under Government rules announced earlier this month.

Following the decision, many readers commenting on the Guardian's Facebook pages felt it was the right call.

“We are all in this boat together and should obey mandatory rules if we want to stay safe and beat the virus,” said Sandra Murray.

“The mask could become permanent attire for a few years to come so it could be the case of having to get used to it.”

Evelyn Gates said: “I’ve just been to Asda with gloves and face mask. I could count on one hand the number of people [who] had a mask on. I think some people think it’s all back to normal.

“It should be made compulsory to wear one. Some people and small children who can’t cope with it should be exempt. Surely it makes sense to protect your family.”

Sheree van Winsum added: “You wear one to protect others. Therefore others should protect me, by wearing theirs.”

Some Guardian readers suggested that the coverings should be worn in other places, as well as on public transport.

Julija Taberner said: “I think it should be mandatory in shops and places where you can’t regulate the amount of people and the two-metre rule.”

Saffy Blackmore added: “I think it should be compulsory in all public indoor places like hospitals, shops, public transport, taxis etc.

“We have to work together to protect each other. It’s the only way to get through this.”

Many commenters had already been wearing masks during the pandemic to protect themselves and others.

Lesley Harvey said: “Already wearing one whenever I go out. Placebo maybe but I feel safer with it on.”

Pat Barber added: “I’ve been in isolation until recently and have ventured out to my local shop. [I] definitely have been wearing a mask and will continue as long as necessary.”

However, a number of readers suggested the coverings will not be too effective, as some people are not using them correctly.

“It’s only worth doing if you’re going to wear the mask properly,” said Jan Curtis-Parker.

“Elderly lady the other day had hers inside out and under her nose, when I mentioned this to her she said, she didn’t like it over her nose and was reusing her mask so turned it over.”

Chris Byrne added: “Not sure it’s a good thing. People think they are immune as soon as they have one on, take the guy in the supermarket the other day leaning over me to reach the crumpets.”

While Ruth Hatton suggested the move is ‘too little too late’, some Guardian readers were unconvinced by the Government’s decision.

“The whole thing is completely inconsistent,” said John Barlow.

“If you are the only one in the carriage, on the platform or in the queue, or a couple of people are way down at the other end of it, why do you still need to put on a mask?

“How do you eat and drink, or blow your nose? They’re hot and irritating, get wet and unpleasant. What about crime too? There’s huge potential for an increase in public transport related incidents.

“I get the supposed logic of the idea when in crowded places and where distancing isn’t possible but making this a blanket policy on public transport is ridiculous.”

A number of readers suggested that the masks make their glasses steam up, and some said the plan would not be ideal for them.

Maz Robbo said: “I’ll struggle, I panic if anything goes over my face so looks like I’ll be walking everywhere, as I do now.”

Wayne Robinson added: “Great stuff but more expense for me to get bus to work and for my Year 10 son who uses the bus.”

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