LOCAL heroes who are helping the community through the coronavirus pandemic are being honoured.

A Winsford 2021 charity calendar is being created to thank 12 teams who have pulled together during the crisis.

Residents are being asked to send selfies of workers and volunteers who have gone out their way to offer practical help and support.

Friends of Winsford Park Town Park want the calendar to be a lasting tribute to people who have selflessly put others first.

Winsford Guardian:

This is a how GPs and practice staff at surgeries across Winsford are being thanked in a charity calendar for all their hard work during the coronavirus crisis. A different group will be featured each month

John Malam, chairman of the friends, said:"People have been working quietly and very conscientiously through these long weeks and long days. GPs, care workers who have gone into people's homes day in day out, shop assistants, postmen and refuse collectors, all putting themselves at risk.

Winsford Guardian:

Dr Clare Oxley from Swanlow surgery

"What can we do as a community to recognise the work these important and essential people have been doing?

"Now is the time to appreciate them more than ever. The calendar is a small way of saying thank you."

Winsford Guardian:

Dr Selva Rasaiah from Launceston Close surgery

The 12 groups include GPs and practice staff, teachers, care workers, volunteers, pharmacists, postal workers, emergency services, supermarkets, foodbanks, bin men and churches.

"If you are in one of these groups, live in Winsford, have worked through the crisis and are happy to be in the calendar, please send us a selfie," said John, who plans to feature 12 smiling faces each month.

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Winsford Guardian:

Dr Michael Fallon from Weaver Vale surgery

"The calendar will be a permanent reminder of people who have gone the extra mile at at time of need. It is all about identity and pride. This is going to be for Winsford, from Winsford and will find a worldwide market of people who will be able to recognise the face of someone they know.

Winsford Guardian:

Dr Judi Price from Willow Wood surgery

"It is an open thank you to our friends, neighbours, families and workers in this town we call home."

The calendar is being designed by Dan Cundall, head of design at NeuroMuscular Centre Design+Print in Winsford.

Winsford Guardian:

Dr Dale Burgess from High Street surgery

Each month is being sponsored by a different business in the town.

People wishing to be featured in the calendar are asked to email a selfie portrait photo of yourself smiling and wearing uniforms if it's part of your job, to john@johnmalam.co.uk or hello@fowtp.co.uk by the end of July.

Please include your full name and job title.

For further information call John Malam on 01606 863540.