EXCITED tots have been thrilled to meet up with their little friends today as nurseries reopen.

Joy and laughter can be heard from playgrounds as nurseries across Winsford and Middlewich welcome back children after lockdown following new government guidelines.

New social distancing regulations and safety measures have been introduced.

Children have to be met individually from the car by a member of staff and led into the nursery. Once inside, small groups stay together with one member of staff in a 'bubble'.

Staff must wear face shields as well as personal protective equipment.

Laura Long, deputy manager of Early Learners on Booth Lane in Middlewich, said:"We have 10 children in today and more are coming back over the coming weeks. The children are having a fantastic time seeing their friends and teachers again.

Winsford Guardian:

Laura Long, deputy manager of Early Learners Nursery in Middlewich having fun with children as they play outside

"It's lovely to be back."

Winsford Guardian:

Babies join in the fun at a superhero day at Sunrise Nursery

Sunrise Nursery, a charity run nursery in Wharton, Winsford, has been open for the children of key workers throughout the pandemic and has now adapted to the government's new guidelines introduced on Friday.

Acting manager Jane Barker said: "Parents have to phone to say they are on the car park and myself or one of the team collects children one at a time. They wash their hands and go to bubble where they join their key worker.

Winsford Guardian:

Sunrise Nursery staff Lauren Meakin, Danielle Warburton, Samantha Felton, Jane Barker and Natalie Moore-Copnall dress up as superheroes to raise funds for the NHS

"Once they see our faces and remember us and see all their familiar toys they're great. They're glad to get back with their little friends.

Winsford Guardian:

Children made scones and enjoyed an afternoon tea at Sunrise Nursery

"Babies, toddlers and pre school are all kept in separate rooms with separate outdoor areas and separate toilets. Once they've touched anything we wipe it down. Everything is different but we make it as fun as possible."

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Children have been taking part various activities over the past 10 weeks. Toddlers and staff dressed up as their favourite superhero and donated more than £200 to the NHS.

Winsford Guardian:

Children dressed up as their favourite superhero

"The children made scones which they enjoyed alongside their afternoon tea," said Jane. "We’ve also had a pool day and a BBQ. We were also very lucky to have the ice cream man visit us."

Winsford Guardian:

Children enjoy a cool treat as an ice cream van visits Sunrise Nursery

Tommy Thumbs Pre School is preparing to welcome children back to their nursery at Cledford Primary School in Middlewich tomorrow.

Business manager Debbie Brain said: "We normally have 100 children on the register but we are only expecting small numbers at the moment. We are looking forward to seeing our children tomorrow."

St Chad's Pre School in Winsford is also preparing to reopen tomorrow.

Trustee Sheena Partington told parents: "Thank you all so much for your patience through these very difficult times and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday and hopefully, they rest of our amazing children from September."