AWARD-WINNING Winsford hairdresser Leanne Forsey is offering Guardian readers tips on how to manage your own hair at home.

The mum-of-four owns Guyz and Dolls salon on Wharton Road and understands the dilemmas we all face with hair that hasn't been cut for 10 weeks.

Leanne said: "I definitely would not recommend cutting your own hair but if someone you live with is willing to let you loose with a pair of clippers then why not give it a go.

"Choose a decent set of clipper, the best you can afford and make sure that the grade attachment is secured on tight. Start with a high grade and work your way down."

The technique is demonstrated on YouTube videos.

Fringes, she said, are a bit easier to tackle.

"Choose a good pair of sharp hair cutting scissors," said Leanne. "I suggest you take fine sections and clip all the hair you don’t want to cut into your fringe well out of the way. Take tiny amounts off and always cut it dry. Gently chip in rather than cut straight across."

Dealing with roots is more problematic.

"I would never suggest to box dye your hair," said Leanne. "They are totally different to salon colours but I know a lot of you are so desperate you will anyway. Always skin test first and read manufacturers instructions.

"Take fine sections, making sure you only do the root and the product is applied heavy enough to fully saturate each section."

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If you’ve got time why not make your own hair mask.

"My favourite is one avocado, an egg cup of olive oil and tablespoon of lemon juice," she said. "Mix the ingredients well and it will look like guacamole. Apply it to the hair avoiding roots and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse out well.

"Avocado is packed full of vitamins. Lemon has good cleansing properties and is anti-fungal and the olive oil will nourish and condition the hair giving it shine."

Salons hope to open soon but in the meantime be patient.

Leanne added:"My best tip is to tie it up, clip it back or stick a head band in it but try to leave it to the professionals.

"During lockdown we have all got hair problems, myself included so try not to let it get you down as when you return, your stylist will have a blank canvas with lots of length to work with to create a completely new look which you otherwise might never have tried."