SPEEDING motorists are putting lives at risk in Middlewich, warn the police.

Police community support officers monitored the speed of drivers on Warmingham Lane yesterday.

A spokesman for Middlewich police said: "We have received information from the stationary speed device which shows that people have been doing over 70mph on the road with the highest being 85mph.

"This road is a 30mph. We shall be looking into this and taking appropriate action."

Middlewich resident Marc Holmes said: "It won't be long before somebody is killed with idiots driving at speeds like this."

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Dean James added: "I live off Sycamore Drive and I am astonished at the number of idiot drivers that race straight across the roundabout towards Crewe without one iota's thought!

"Even some who come up Sycamore Drive and pull straight out onto the roundabout. It will only take two of the same mind at the same time.

"There was actually an accident there only weeks after the roundabout was completed and I'm still surprised there hasn't been more before now."