IT has been one of the biggest talking points of the past week – and opinion in Winsford and Middlewich is divided.

Schools have now been closed to students apart from the children of key workers for two months.

Since the Government said they could start to reopen from June 1, councils and schools have made their own announcements on when children can return to the classroom.

Cheshire East Council has now revealed a plan to reopen primary schools in phases from June 15, while Cheshire West and Chester Council has said primary headteachers will make the final call on opening.

Meanwhile, Middlewich High School is carrying out work to prepare the site for socially distanced lessons for year 10, and Winsford Academy is yet to make the final decision.

Guardian readers have given their opinion on our Facebook page over the past week – and now you can have your say in our poll.

Concerned parent Laina van Embden said: "Don't think so – until I know it's safe not a chance."

Kelsea Challinor suggested schools should 'assess the situation when it is safe to do so'.

She added: "Either shorten the holidays over the years to gain back the time they have missed or add another year of school for child."

Gina Buckley said: "It baffles me why they want to send such young children back. Four and five-year-olds are not gonna understand what is going on.

"Send older years back that can understand social distancing. Not being funny but a child's life is more important than an education in my eyes."

Jewels Whitmore raised concerns that headteachers would be put in an 'unfair situation' if there was an outbreak of the virus at their school.

"If the headteachers do decide it's safe, and a child is a carrier of coronavirus, taking it home and passing it on, who's responsible then?" said Jewels.

Nalini Thomas said: "It's best to lose a term than to lose a child. All schools should say no. It's very risky."

And 'concerned grandparent' Paul Titterton called for detailed risk assessments to be made public.

He said: "Any risk assessment here considering such steps should be fully transparent, quantitative, and qualitative.

"I’d like to see involvement of parents in the process but ultimately people decide not risk assessments, parents hold the final decision here."

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