STUDENTS at Middlewich High School have been set an exciting series of challenges for the Easter holidays.

Pupils are being asked to put their Geography skills to the test in a fun way.

Children are invited to boil an egg and let their artistic flair take hold.

Youngsters can use their imagination to paint the egg to depict oceans, land masses, rivers, urban areas or different soils.

Using a map of the world, students are then challenged to write down any capital cities of the world that have the letters H, E and N in them.The letters can be in any order but it must have one of each in some part of the name.

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Finding out about the mystery of Easter Island is another challenge. How were these giant statues carved and moved on the island when they only had primitive technology? Why did the population initially explode but then start to die out?

Writing the Easter bunny's diary as he travels to Christian countries to deliver eggs or designing a cartoon strip about his mission could test student's creative writing.

The account should cover the journey between all the different countries and the landmarks along the way.

Pupils are also become news reporters and find out how Easter is celebrated in various countries around the world.