A GIFTED Winsford musician is helping people who feel isolated at home and those who have suddenly lost their livelihood because of coronavirus.

Acoustic singer-songwriter Sam Lyon has set up a new channel called The Isolation Inspiration Channel to host to a series of videos which viewers will be encouraged to support by making donations.

Sam, 24, said: " I’ve been in touch with dozens of freelancers, local businesses and self employed people who have all had their work or income compromised in some way by the virus.

"They’ve all recorded a video teaching people a new skill associated with their business.

"For example, this week we have a short video of someone teaching basic sign language and another video by a yoga teacher who is doing an hour-long guided meditation and yoga session."

Sam also plans to run live gigs on the channel and will be performing in the first one this evening, Tuesday, at 7pm with Runcorn guitarist Gareth Heesom and soul-folk artist John Dhali.

Winsford Guardian:

Singer-songwriter Sam Lyon will be performing the first live gig on the new channel Picture: Geoff Roughton

"The aim of the channel is to entertain people during their isolation and get them learning new skills that they wouldn’t normally have the time or thought to do, encouraging them to spend their isolation as productively as possible," said Sam.

The local community is being urged to help local businesses and individuals who have lost their income.

"It not only gives them an avenue to showcase their businesses and engage with a new audience," said Sam, "But also to offer financial support as all videos and gigs will be posted along with a Paypal donation link.

"I’d like to try and encourage anyone who watches and enjoys a video to donate to the video host, even if it is just 50 pence."

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Sam prides herself on being unsigned, unpublished and her own manager.

After performing for 10 years, she has developed her own unique niche brand.

The prolific performer stages 250 gigs a year but has suddenly lost her income as all her bookings have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Winsford Guardian:

Sam Lyon is encouraging people to support local businesses and individuals who have lost their income through the coronavirus

"I've lost everything, weddings, festivals and private bookings," said Sam, who is self-employed. "We've all got to look out for each other."

A sign language class will be featured at 2pm on Thursday, April 2 and a yoga meditation on Sunday, April 5 at 2pm.

A cookery lesson, arts, crafts, fitness and more gigs are planned.

To watch The Isolation Inspiration Channel visit facebook.com/theiichannel