REFUSE workers in Middlewich have been hailed unsung heroes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Families say their loved ones are continuing to collect rubbish whilst putting themselves at risk.

Residents are being asked to respect the bin men and keep their distance whilst they are emptying bins in the street.

Nicola Lambert said: "While I have the upmost respect for all NHS, supermarket, delivery staff and all other professions on the frontline let’s not forget the refuse workers who are disposing of the virus ridden equipment and rubbish and yet not classed as key workers.

"Those who are unable to social distance from their colleagues sitting beside them in the cab of the dustcart or from them general public in the street."

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Joanna Moores said: "My husband works for Ansa and puts himself at risk every day. Massive respect to all refuse workers..

Lesley Stubbs added:"My son Lewis works for Ansa. You're all doing a brilliant job. Please be careful and people show respect and keep your distance from them please."

Jackie Hargreaves said: "My husband works in the garage at Ansa, keeping the vehicles running."

Jennifer Johnson added: "My dad drives the bin wagon, so proud of him."

Angela Toms said: "Absolutely, I did suggest on the rainbow group that children decorate their bins to thank and cheer up collectors, also remember to clean handles and lids. Come on Middlewich show some love to our bin collectors."

Val Prince said: "Good service week in, week out."