Winsford Town Council Labour councillors have vowed to do all they can to ensure residents receive the help and information they need during the pandemic lockdown.

Councillors are supporting the efforts of Winsford Town Council, Cheshire West and Chester Council and community groups.

And they have compiled a list of useful websites for residents to get reliable information during the crisis.

Cllr Joanne Moorcroft,leader of the Winsford Town Council Labour Group, said: “Now is the time to work together and we are committed to working in our council and professional roles to support residents and our public services.

"It is fantastic to see Winsford residents mobilising to support each other in the times ahead. Despite efforts by some to politicise the local response, unity is the true spirit of Winsford and I’d like to thank council staff and residents for all that they are doing.”

Volunteers have teamed up across the town to support their elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

Councillors believe that by working together on a coordinated community response, it creates the best chance of meeting the challenges of the virus.

To be effective, they stress, it is essential that all groups join the coordinated community response.

Anyone wishing to get involved can visit

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Residents are also being advised to stick to credible information sources throughout this crisis.

Councillors say there is lots of misinformation on social media but the council is working with Public Health England, the NHS and various government departments to collate important information for residents and businesses.

They have compiled a list of useful websites.

The Live Well website has key local information for residents on how to cope with the Covid-19 crisis.Visit for further details.

Winsford Town Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council websites also have information about Coronavirus in Cheshire West and key updates on the local response.

More details are available at and

If you own a business or employ staff or you are worried about aspects of your own employment, there is some useful information and links on the Cheshire West and Chester Council website here

For help with Council Tax, benefits, employment or business support visit{58958C4F-214A-4C8C-B53C-84504E698E5F}

If you are involved in a community response needing funding there is a Cheshire West and Chester Council £250,000 Community Fund

Visit{1575F92B-D442-4E60-945A-D62A6DC7C71F}for details.