RESIDENTS have paid tribute to employees who are providing vital services during the pandemic.

Staff at Swanlow Lane Post Office in Winsford have been praised.

Carolyn Howell said: “We have all seen shout outs to the emergency services and supermarket staff and rightly so. But can we also give a round of applause to our Post Office staff.

“I am thinking of Swanlow lane post office. Lindsay and her staff do more than just run the post office, they know everyone who goes in, always have a friendly word and the care and love they show in particular to older and vulnerable people in the community they serve is amazing.

"They are a real asset and the community would be a much poorer place without them.”

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Anni Cameron added: "So many quiet background 'industries' are suddenly our lifelines, it's about time the little guys of this world got a shout out or two.

" I'd add the posties who are keeping us in touch, the techie types that are keeping the internet running and keeping the tech in hospitals and other essential places running too."

Kerri Stanway said: "My favourite post office. Staff are always happy to help and always have a laugh. Keep up good work."