IS the lack of live sport and general boredom due to the coronavrius pandemic and UK lockdown hurting you like a hole in the heart?

Maybe a day or two of sports-binge TV that's free would suit you down to the ground.

There's all sorts available on social media, from professional toe wrestling to compendiums of sporting kisses – and all the mainstream stuff in between like repeats of football and rugby matches.

Here, we're concentrating on what's currently on offer on the BBC iplayer and the unlimited barrel of binge that is YouTube.

It seems programmes are regularly being added to the iplayer, which, if you don't know, can be located on the BBC website or by pressing the red button on your TV remote while switched on to a BBC channel. Sport is then an option to you among the list of categories.

Your age and personal interests may dictate which options grab your attention the most, but it has to be said that the David Frost interviews with boxing legend Muhammed Ali and colourful football manager Brian Clough are absolutely fascinating.

Winsford Guardian:

Sticking with the 1970s, those who recall throwing their lot behind the Scotland national football team in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina will pour over the rare archive footage that chronicles the nation's performance 42 years ago. It's listed as Scotland 78: A Love Story.

Who could forget that Archie Gemmill goal against Holland, one that made the wee fella a national hero. We're being told it's good for our physical and mental health to exercise while isolated at home, so try recreating that Gemmill classic in your lounge or the back garden using whatever you can as obstacles for defenders. And then repeat, repeat, repeat, but please make sure you avoid the TV and windows when you shoot!

Cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, now a racing driver, pursuing his dream of competing in the world's toughest endurance motor race might be more in gear for you.

Or what about 509 minutes of the 2020 Table Tennis National Championships semi-finals and finals?

There was a time when millions of us would wake up for work on Monday morning bleary eyed because of staying up late to watch a major snooker final. When Snooker Ruled The World takes us back to that golden era for the sport in the 1970s and 80s.

Winsford Guardian:

And there is one programme devoted to a full replay of the thrilling and dramatic last frame in the 1985 black ball final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor.

Human interest and incredible endeavour are covered too, with The Billy Monger Story focusing on the teenager's return to racing after the amputation of his legs, or with emotional rugby icon Gareth Thomas revealing for the first time that he is living with HIV, and there's the Doddie Weir documentary too following the Scottish rugby legend as he battles motor neurone disease.

Other documentaries available on the iplayer are entitled Football Going Vegan, Emiliano Sala: A family's search for the truth, Shame In The Game: Racism in Football, Football Stars in Bad Cars, Shane Williams: Rugby, concussion and me, Hunt v Lauda: F1's Greatest Racing Rivals, Inside The Cage: The rise of female fighters, John McEnroe: Still rockin' at 60.

Just a word of caution. There are deadlines on iplayer content, with a couple of the programmes mentioned set to drop off the radar over the next few days.

Some of you might prefer exploring the world-to-itself that is YouTube.

Head to the search field and type in the name of your favourite team to reveal all kinds of official and unofficial content to keep you amused for hours on end.

Videos like 20 Most Embarrassing Moments in Sport, 'If Were Not Filmed Nobody Would Believe' could keep you amused for hours.

Less obvious searches, such as the name of your town with the word 'sport' – ie Warrington sport, St Helens sport, Northwich sport – can reveal some less profile pearlers. A two-minute clip of a karting driver's view during a lap of the international circuit at TeamSport Warrington is actually a thrilling watch.

These are difficult times, so if you're in need of an uplift through sport then head to your TV or device and check out what's available.