WINSFORD councillors have reassured residents that they will do all they can to support the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local politicians are encouraging people who have volunteered to help their elderly and vulnerable neighbours to work together.

In a joint statement, they told residents: "If you have started a group in your street or if you are part of a church or community group that is planning to provide support for your neighbours, please consider joining the coordinated community response.

"This initiative is seeing Cheshire West Voluntary Action, charities like Age UK, other voluntary groups, the council, the public sector, businesses and residents all coming together to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

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"By working together on a coordinated community response, we have the best chance of meeting the challenges, whilst avoiding duplication, safeguarding vulnerable people, sharing high quality up to date information and ensuring no community is left behind.

"To be effective it is essential that all groups join the coordinated community response."

To register support for your community visit