MIDDLEWICH High School has issued a plea to some students who are ignoring government advice on social distancing, saying their actions are 'irresponsible and reckless'.

As most members of the community continues to follow the government advice regarding the coronavirus pandemic, a Middlewich High School spokesman says the school has received several emails regarding students socialising.

It comes after schools were forced to shut down last week.

In a post on Facebook aimed at the students who are being criticised for socialising in groups, the school statement gave some stark words of warning, but also recognised that most students were folling the advice sensibly.

The statement reads: "OK I am posting this because we have received several concerned emails regarding students being seen socialising together in the community.

"In the most simple and compassionate terms I can find: stay at home! You are not on holiday, social distancing is in place to save lives.

"Continuing to behave in this way is frankly irresponsible and reckless. It will also only lengthen any potential lock down period.

"This is not the time for excuses this is the time to change your mindset and follow the advice without question. Stay at home - save lives - simple."