PHOTOGRAPHER Phil Mackin captured this stunning sunset on the picturesque canalside in Middlewich - until a Boxer came along and made his mark.

"The dog had to ruin the picture," said Phil, who took the shot of St Anne's Road bridge at dusk last night.

However his image has proved a big hit on social media and cheered people up amid the Covid-19 gloom.

Simon Lincoln Dog said: "Dog makes it - 100% you could sell them as prints."

Nancy Harbour added: "Love it. It's a stunning photo."

Teresa Carter said: "Typical boxer lol."

Emma Jiggle Bongo said: "Gorgeous, even with the dog!"

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Chris Basford said: "Fantastic photo, the background is so perfect it looks unreal then your dog adds some real life and balances it out. Caption for the photo: Dreams are important but sometimes they get pissed on."

Phil Hartley added: "When you gotta gotta go."

Beverley Jones said: "Love the picture."