DRIVERS in Cheshire have topped a chart for drink and drug driving prosecutions after figures from over a decade were analysed.

Data from the Ministry of Justice shows the county has the most drink and drug driving prosecutions per 1,000 people of any part of England and Wales.

The figures, gathered over the past decade, show the average rate of prosecution for drink driving is 11 per 1,000 people across the country but in Cheshire it’s 20 prosecutions per 1,000 – 82% above average.

Uninsured driving prosecutions are also 43% higher than average in Cheshire. Only Lancashire and West Yorkshire had more uninsured drivers on their roads over the last decade

Cheshire also saw the highest rate of overall motoring prosecution cases in the country with 209 cases per 1,000 people – these included drink driving, driving without insurance and speeding, as well as other crimes.

Despite the number of drink driving prosecutions in England and declining from just over 66,000 offences in 2008 to around 46,000 in 2018, in Cheshire it is still a serious issue.

Last December Cheshire Police embarked on a month-long crackdown to decrease the number of drink drivers on the road and emphasise the seriousness of the crime.

In the first two weeks of the initiative, more than 100 arrests were made, with the final total resulting in 230 people arrested.

Head of Cheshire Constabulary’s Roads and Crime Unit, Jo Marshall-Bell, said: “Cheshire Constabulary frequently urge road users not to get behind the wheel after having an alcoholic drink and spend a considerable amount of time educating motorists that the consequences of driving under the influence can be fatal.

“Officers patrol the roads looking for anyone who could be drink driving, or committing any other road traffic offences, putting innocent road users lives at risk. We do this to protect other road users and we will take action against anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

“While it may be tempting to have a drink and then drive home – it is important to remember that even one alcoholic drink can significantly affect a motorist’s ability to react to their surroundings. We do not go out policing the roads for the sake of it – we do it to save lives. Drink/drug driving is not worth dying for.”

Cheshire Police have also notably focused on catching uninsured drivers many times in the past to address the startling proportion of those driving without the correct insurance.

Temporary insurance provider Tempcover has published a report on the findings. To see the full report here.