WINSFORD woman Sarah Stringer has launched a new business venture that’s a dream come true for those who love a pampering session in their PJs.

The 22-year-old is the brains behind Jarmabox, a new subscription service delivering personalised pyjamas and beauty treats straight to your door every month from less than £20.

Sarah, who studied global entrepreneurship and business management at the University of Chester, came up with the idea after spotting a viral comment on social media.

She said: “Someone had posted about how amazing it would be to have pyjamas delivered monthly to your door – it had over 39,000 responses. After researching and discovering it didn’t yet exist, as an opportunist I decided to make this a reality for pyjama lovers everywhere.”

Her idea got off to a bumpy start as she struggled to source appropriate and affordable suppliers.

Sarah explained: “My first attempt to launch was an absolute fail. While the interest and orders were there, but the ability to produce packaging, source quality pyjamas and pamper products was a lot harder and more expensive than I initially expected.”

Which is where her business partner Amarn Gulamhusein, also from Winsford, stepped in.

She said: “I explained my failed attempted launch but he seemed to love the idea, had a fresh perspective and breathed new life into the concept.”

After two months of research, product sourcing, talking with UK-based suppliers, and building their online presence Jarmabox went from concept to reality in January.

Sarah said: “We’re the perfect accessory for those who prefer a night in with Netflix over a night on the town. We understand life is busy and time is scarce. We can all forget to take a minute out to relax, unwind and de-stress. Sometimes, just running a bath and drifting into a fruity bath bomb paradise, lighting some sweet smelling candles, slipping into some fresh cosy PJs and indulging in some chocolaty treats can do wonders for your mental well being.”

While other subscription boxes exist, Sarah says what sets Jarmabox apart is its free personalisation service.

She explained: “There are a limited amount of brands that allow you to make your pyjamas extra special and personal with your name or initials and we're pretty sure we’re the first to offer it for absolutely free.”

To find out more about Jarmabox’s gold, platinum and diamond packages visit