YOUNG musicians at Willow Wood Nursery and community Primary School are making outstanding progress.

All year 5 pupils have been learning how to play a musical instrument with tuition from specialist music teachers Mel Whyle and Lucy Bracegirdle.

Pupils had the choice of a woodwind or brass instrument.

The year 5 band now has a range of instruments including the clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and trombone.

Deputy headteacher Jan Kay said: “We are always looking for opportunities to provide children with wider curriculum opportunities and the children have made outstanding progress learning a new instrument.”

After weeks of dedication, practice and tuition, their first performance in front of an audience of their parents, carers and peers is on March 5.

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Music leader Katherine Mrs Millar said: "I have been most impressed with the children’s engagement and growing confidence in this initiative, which sees every child at Willow Wood having the valuable opportunity to learn a musical instrument on their journey through primary education.”