AN imaginative photographer has captured everyday objects and given them her own unique twist.

Julie Williams, from Winsford, is currently mounting her second exhibition called Beyond at The Red Lion.

Leaves, flowers, bolts, clothes pegs and candles are some of the many items featured in her inspirational work.

Winsford Guardian:

Jules takes everyday objects like bolts and creates imaginative images

"I try to make something different out of everyday mundane objects," said Julie, 40. "I see things from different angles and perspectives, creating art through the lens."

Winsford Guardian:

Ropes captured beside a spider's web

Julie dabbled with photography at art college in the 1990s but says she was 'useless in the dark room' and gave up.

"Now thanks to digital cameras I have reignited by love of photography," she said. "I don't go out with a fixed idea, I see what I can find."

Last year, she studied under professional photographer Ian Turpin at Sir John Deane's College and completed the beginners, intermediate and advanced courses.

"Ian is absolutely brilliant and so passionate. It's something I've always wanted to do. I'd like it to be more than a hobby."

Julie works for Kindertons, helping people get back on the road after an accident.

Days Gone By, her first exhibition, featured poppy heads disintegrating over the summer months and was recently exhibited at The Crosshatch Gallery, where she received a lot of support from former art teachers Ann and Derek Johnson.

Winsford Guardian:

Images of poppyheads disintegrating after the summer

"The exhibition documented the lifespan of poppies behind the bowling green at Wharton Recreation Ground. I watched them change from proud, statuesque figures standing really proud to become broken, degraded, decayed relics of their former selves."

Winsford Guardian:

Julie documented the lifespan of poppies at Wharton Recreation Ground over the summer months

Julie's nature diary was in black and white, a medium she also used to explore railway tracks and ropes.

Winsford Guardian:

Railway tracks seen from a different perspective in Julia's collection entitled 'Wonder in Lines'

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Beyond, her current exhibition, focuses on the beauty that can be found beyond the obvious and the every day.

Winsford Guardian:

Beyond, her currrent exhibition, is at The Red Lion

"Using just two inanimate objects I created a collection of bright, vivid thought-provoking images which are free of manipulation," she said.

Winsford Guardian:

Julie's fascination with nature creates some stunning shots

Julie is looking for more exhibition venues. To view her images and contact her visit