THE long-running problem of dog poo left on the streets is causing a stink in Winsford once again.

Residents are kicking off about dog poo being left outside homes and schools across the town, with calls for cameras to be installed to catch the culprits responsible for the foul problem.

Agata Wakefield contacted the Winsford Guardian after a particularly filthy school run left her fuming about the state of the pavement outside St Chad’s Primary School, on Gladstone Street.

“I’ve lived in many places, but I’ve never seen so much dog poo on one street,” she said.

“Almost every day I and other residents get very upset about seeing huge piles of dog fouling on Gladstone Street.

“It might sound silly, but it makes me very angry as I have little children and I’m very concerned about safety and health risk associated with dog fouling.”

She added: “I’ve complained to the council a couple of times. They usually send someone to clean it up, but I feel that something more has to be done.

“Maybe, there has to be some cameras installed to trace down the offenders, as I feel it's probably the same people who just don’t clean up. Maybe someone has other ideas?”

It’s not just Gladstone Street that seems to be bearing the brunt of the problem, as other residents have taken to social media to complain about the state of Crook Lane, Knights Grange, Station Road and Nun House Drive.

One Facebook user said: “Will dog owners please pick up their dog’s mess? We are fed up of picking up other dogs’ mess on Station Road. It is disgusting that people are not being responsible for their dogs.”

Another added: “I think dog owners are worse than ever, they can’t even pick it up when the dog mess bin is less than 50 yards away.”

It is illegal to fail to clear up after a dog if it fouls on any outdoor land with public access. Owners can be issued a £100 fixed penalty fine which, if not paid, can lead to prosecution with a maximum £1,000 fine.”