PARENTS can now share their children's learning journey from the moment they start nursery - on their mobile phones.

St Chad's Pre-School captures videos and pictures of pupils as they acquire new skills and mums and dads can follow their progress by logging into their own unique apps.

This charity run organisation has harnessed the latest digital technology to create a digital record of each child from the moment they start learning.

"Parents can follow their whole day," said mum-of-three Sheena Partington, one of three voluntary directors who give up their time to support Winsford families. "It is a great way of communicating with parents.Updates can be accessed via parents' very own portal which can be made into a wonderful book to treasure their first steps into the world of learning forever.

"Children are the most precious thing in the world. This gives them peace of mind and security. Parents can download the book as a lovely keepsake."

The learning books are created by a company that guarantees safeguarded software for early years education.

A new baby room opened recently at the Gladstone Street pre-school which now cares for children from six months to five years.

The charity also offers practical help to families to support children with additional needs.

Sheena, who volunteers for 30 hours a week, said: "I have two boys aged eight and 17 with Asperger's so I know how difficult it can be. I want to give something back to the local community. As a charity we do all we can to keep costs to a bare minimum."

Dedicated staff are always available to help families through difficult times.

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"We have a thriving, well trained team of highly skilled staff," said Sheena. "I am so immensely proud of them. Our recent Ofsted was 'good' and just shy of 'outstanding'.

"Our staff provide vital support to families through funding processes, aids to help with everyday life and we accompany parents to medical appointments."

The pre-school has raised more than £1,000 to develop new resources and hopes to reach a £4,000 target by April to secure additional support through the Aviva community fund.

"With additional funding we could create an extra classroom to enable the charity to take in children from a younger age," said Sheena.

"It’s a known fact that early intervention to a younger age range of children could change the course of not only the types of help available but to have a positive effect to the outcomes for the rest of the child’s life. Our invaluable, highly demanded service could then cater for a wider audience in our local community."

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