A COUPLE who have helped to transform the health and fitness of hundreds of people are opening a new nutrition club in Middlewich.

Kay-Leigh Richardson and John Fielding launched their innovative business Nutrition@The Hangout a year ago, a calisthenics gym in Northwich.

Encouraging people to understand how their body works proved so popular, the pair launched a second club Nutrition@the high street six months later.

Now they are launching a third club, Nutrition@No.32 on Wheelock Street, offering men and women of all ages the chance to maximise their health potential.

The couple are teaming up with wellness coach Sarah Cross, 22, to provide personal support to anyone wishing to learn how to live a longer and healthier life.

Wellness coach Kay-Leigh, 34, has worked in the fitness industry for 16 years and has a masters in sport and exercise psychology.

John is from the care industry.

Winsford Guardian:

Kay-Leigh Richardson and John Fielding help people to achieve their goals

"We help people to change habits," said Kay-Leigh. "Losing weight is the easy bit. If you haven't learnt the skills to maintain your weight you will yo-yo. With the support of a coach we can help you along the journey."

To begin with, members receive a body scan which reveals hydration levels, metabolic age, body fat percentage and weight. These figures are reviewed every 10 days to monitor improvements.

An average sized person should drink three litres of water a day, she said.

"We help people to eat the right amount of proteins, drink the right amount of water and take the vitamins and minerals they need.

"Nutrition is what everyone needs to get right. It is not like a typical weight loss club. It's about educating people."

A 12-week nutrition programme has already helped more than 200 people to achieve their goals.

"It has completely transformed people's lives," said Kay-Leigh. "They have so much more energy. They have finally found a way to be in control. They will never again be in a position where they will be unhappy.

"We are empowering people to take control of their own destiny."

The Middlewich club opens on Monday, February 10.

A launch event, an 'Introduction to Nutrition' is being held on Tuesday, February 18, when a free wellness profile and nutrition evaluation worth £50 will be available.

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"I call it a physical pension plan," said Kay-Leigh. "You can learn the skills to be healthy and improve the quality of your life. It is never too late to change."

The club is also inviting people to train to become wellbeing coaches and has already recruited nine fitness enthusiasts to work in partnership with them.

"For me it's the first time in my life I'm making an impact and the club allows me to deliver this every day."