PLANS to replace a ‘vermin-riddled and dilapidated’ bungalow with four eco-friendly homes have been shelved.

The property on Whitby’s Lane has been in a state of disrepair for some time and is in its current condition due to the actions of past tenants, according to the applicant.

They propose to demolish the bungalow and replace it with a row of four terraced houses, each with three or four bedrooms and designed to produce zero carbon emissions.

But the future of the 500 square metre site is up in the air now that proposals submitted to Cheshire West and Chester Council have been withdrawn.

Planning documents that make up the application state: “The dilapidated bungalow has been vandalised by past tenants and it is ridden with vermin.

“Rehabilitation would be very expensive.

Winsford Guardian:

“The dwelling does not exploit the full use of the site, so it is proposed that the existing building be demolished and replaced with a terrace of four houses.

“The erection of the four houses of different sizes will be a small increase of the housing stock in the borough.

“The design is intended to make the houses as near to autonomous as possible with zero carbon emissions.”

Planning documents also reveal that as part of their eco-friendly nature, the homes would have been fitted with solar slates on the roof and facilities to collect rainwater.

Vehicle charging points would also have been integrated into the designs to power electric cars.